SPAEN-konferansen 2011

Compared with other types of cancer, sarcomas are very rare. In my country only about 200 new cases of sarcomas occur each year. Bringing sarcoma patient organizations from all of Europe together under an umbrella such as SPAEN, and unite all of our sarcoma and GIST patient voices in to one, and speak with strength […]

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En film om moderne behandling av GIST

This film shows through different patient stories the way from a correct diagnosis to treatment and dealing with this rare cancer. It is focussing on the global networking of patients and physicians and the collaboration of various medical disciplines and research. The focus of all these efforts is the patient. Three patients are talking about […]

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Sarkomers historie

Pasientforeningen Sarkomers pioner var tidligere pasient Odd Andreas Tofteng, som hadde deltatt på to tidligere internasjonale pasientforeningskonferanser for sarkom-, desmoid-(fibromatose) og GIST-pasienter i 2009 i Paris og året etter i Barcelona. Tofteng arrangerte, sammen med  Andreas Hole fra Organisasjonsservice, og Sarkomforum for sykepleie og fysioterapi OUS, med Maria Charlott Våde og Synnøve Granlien i front, […]

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