SPAEN-konferansen 2011

Compared with other types of cancer, sarcomas are very rare. In my country only about 200 new cases of sarcomas occur each year. Bringing sarcoma patient organizations from all of Europe together under an umbrella such as SPAEN, and unite all of our sarcoma and GIST patient voices in to one, and speak with strength towards the states in Europe and international research community, is the only true way to raise public and scientific awareness of sarcomas, GIST and desmoid tumors. SPAEN could be the tool that could ensure an early accurate diagnosis and earlier start of the right treatment for sarcoma, GIST and desmoid patients. And if this is not a good enough reason to be united; I will mention the economic turmoil raising now in Europe. In times of economic decline, the weakest among us all, the patients and the sick, always suffer most. They could lose life quality and could also lose the dearest thing of all.Cuts in government spending on health care, more and more private welfare, and a decrease of spending on science and research on cancer, is one of the mistakes a state and society can make.

If there is a time we all must speak with one voice, it is now!

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