Presentation of Sarkomer

Sarkomer is a Norwegian patient organization for both current and former sarcoma patients and those in close relations with sarcoma patients. The organization is also for those who want to help and support the organization and its work.

Sarkomer is an organization that will contribute to;

  1. the publishing and spreading of information about symptoms of sarcomas and to contribute to earlier accurate diagnosis and earlier start of treatment of sarcoma patients
  2. the advocacy of patient rights and welfare of sarcoma patients
  3. former sarcoma patients helping sarcoma patients in coping with the disease

The organizations main goal and vision is therefore to raise awareness of sarcomas

Sarkomer was founded 1st October 2011. The board consist of 10 members, divided between persons who are current and former sarcoma patients, persons who are next of kin or family members, and persons who are cancer health care personnel who can’t vote in the board. It is possible also for other professional working with cancer to be a part of the board.


Facts about Sarkomer

Organization name
Sarkomer. Country: Norway. Organization number: 992 773 340.

1st October 2011.

Type of organization
sarcoma patient organization, non-profit, voluntary work


Revenues 2015
Income: 1 446 628 NOK (153 407 Euro)

Expenses: 1 321 639  NOK (140 152,6 Euro)

Leader of the board
Pål Nedrelid

Executive leader
Lotta Våde

Øvre Vollgate 11
N-0158 OSLO


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